December 24, 2010


Ok I just cannot contain my excitement! After weeks of planning and after so many hours of waiting this day is finally here! Yep it's my first trip abroad and I'm acting like a 10 year old already! Just sitting here at the airport waiting for our flint to depart is quite an excitement by itself..oh and by the way..our destination is singapore ..then spend the new year at malaysia..and then shop till we drop bangkok..

My fingers are already itching to blog every single moment of this trip..and so I have decided to make a travelogue if time permits!! With me on this journey are two people straight out of a comic book! Lol! Comic character no.1 is Mr.Srikanth Ramesh..he has to be the looniest fellow i have ever met!..he is a super steroid charged hyper nut with a touch of innocence and a hint of humor. Comic character no.2 is Mr.G Kaushik..he is what we Tamilians call as Ooma Kusumban! But one thing is sure..this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Well...the lady just announced our flight number in the three languages..tomorrow we hope to have an authentic singaporean breakfast with kaya toast, runes eggs and pandan! Mouth drooling already! Until then adios!!

December 19, 2010

Blogging After A Hiatus
God!! Its good to be back!! Been a while since i crunched away at the keypad to update my blog..after a matter of 3 i am! typing some nonsense..its a cool cloudy Sunday..the perfect day to just chill...nothing like it i say! 

As i type these incorrigible words, with the chilly breeze hitting my face from outside the window..i just discovered a truth..BLOGGING ROCKS. These 3 to 4 weeks of not updating my blog has left with me with some sort of growing burden and a sense of its all gone..iv finally broken away..iv broken my shackles..feels nice..feels light..

And if your reading this...its good to have you back!! I'v got my spark again..the cogs in my brain have started to move(finally) Jim Carrey would say it. "Its Gooood"

I'm a happy man now...back to something i love a lot! Until my next post...arrivederci !!