August 15, 2011

A New Beginning

Hello all of you! It is so good to be back! We are halfway through 2011 and i can't believe this is my first post for the year! So it makes it all the more special for me! So..what has changed in the last 8 months you ask? Well..iv gone from 67kg to 83kg, my old clothes don't fit me anymore, i bombed in a crucial test, became a complete workaholic, did not watch a single movie from Jan to June (in the theater that is !, which is quite odd for me), brooded day in and day out wondering why i ignored my blog so much when i went of to a flying start, and some other things which you wouldn't want to know ! But well here i am, rambling as usual, typing for the sake of typing.

But the point is! Why did i choose to suddenly decide to break the jinx and make the first post of the year? Well it happened last night, when i was thinking of the good times i had during school and college and how boring i have become these days! It couldn't have happened at a better time, right when a lot of my close friends have come down from the other parts of the world for a brief stay to take in the sambar-ness that is Chennai!! 

The last 3 weeks have been some of the best days of my life, catching up with old friends, reliving all those memories, cracking jokes about the nerd in school or about the dork in college ! My my..we have come a long way haven't we? It was at that same thought i realized how i am incomplete without the people i've grown up with! The people with whom you spent years studying, playing, dancing, fighting and a lot of other crazy things! They make me complete! A temporary void was suddenly filled like a Patronus Charm, full of happiness and joy! There is not a feeling that can come close to that, other than love, and it was that feeling that made me take of the sheets from over this blog and talk about the people that matter.

Im sure that each and everyone of you can relate to this, why even my own DAV-ites and VM-ites will second me on this! Who wouldn't want to get back to Sripad Hall and do one last hurrah for Entrenous! or who wouldn't want to get back to the playground and kick and smash the football or volleyball? or what about the nightlong dance practice sessions at a friends place, where everything else other than dance took place? or who wouldn't want to get back to those old classrooms and sit in their respective seats?

You tell me, who wouldn't?

I would. Anything to hit the reset button and go back in time. It is this feeling that incepted a new understanding of life in me...a new beginning.


Preethi said...

hey .... kinda went bak in time myself after reading this !!! glad ur writing again!!!.... and school!!!!!!!!!!! its like a magic word...... brings that smile on to our face instantly .. jus like when a missing child finally spots his mother in the crowd... !!!...... good post ju........!! looking forward to the next one!!!

Alka Gurha said...

Welcome back Jayanth.

Viji said...

I totally understand how you feel.. Life has actually taken a very different turn for me too ... Wish it had a pause, play & rewind :).. Welcome back

Jayanth said...

Hey viji! tx a lot! :)