September 19, 2011

That Someone..

Hey you all! not really in the fun fun mood! Am not here to narrate to you about the funny incident that happened to me..neither am i going to talk about something that i'd usually do..No... that's not it..More like the "gaze at the star, dreamy eyed, la-la land" mood...

You know, its 11.20 PM in Chennai, the time when usually i develop schemes to take over the world, BUT, it is not a scheme am thinking of..its raining heavily..the Gods seem to be celebrating..dancing..singing..and their joy flowing over all of us as i speak...

In situations such as these, i either get all nostalgic or i get all has become such a rat race, that i never stopped, sat back and appreciated the finer aspects of life! You know!..and so...lost in the cool breeze that traversed hundreds of miles with the sole aim of pleasing me and the gentle, yet heavy pitter patter of the rains that sings a lullaby..i began thinking of...That Someone... although my mind strains to express a hundred different emotions, waiting to pop the cork..i am still lost for words..with whatever words i can think of...this is my ode to That Someone..

That Someone, who was always there
That Someone, who always cared
That Someone, oh who is full of love
That Someone, who is a beautiful dove
That Someone, who is all heart
That Someone, to whom i said "il never break apart"
That Someone, who stood by me
That Someone, who just has me
That Someone, who makes me smile
That Someone, who makes me cry
That Someone, who means the world to me
That Someone, who just hugged me
That Someone, who asked "what do you want?"

And i said.. "Just you my love"....

That Someone.......................................................


Meghna said...

Woh kaun thi, nazar milake jaan le gayi jo? ;)
Ju nice to see you writing poems and all! I can feel the mood! Chennai rains have that effect! I have felt that feeling!
Now, who is that chellappa? or chellamma?

Gayatri said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! :D

Zeba said...

Love the words. LOVE.

Suchita D. Prasad said...

o god!!!! i neva tot u cud write poetry!!!! :)
Nice one da!!!

Jayanth said...

edo oru flow le :)

Jayanth said...

@Zeba - thanks! and welcome to my blog!

Chintan said...

And here's a comment from *that someone* :D

Jokes apart, you write well dude, where were you all this while :-?

Jayanth said...

hey chintan! welcome! LOL..i was right here ? :P thank u!