February 7, 2013

Hachiko : A Story to be shared!


What can i say? I just finished watching a very beautiful and heart wrenching movie  about a dog's unwavering faithfulness to its master and a master's unconditional love for his dog. It is one of those rarest of rare movies that makes one shed some (actually a lot!) of tears.

I'm talking about the 2009 Hollywood adaptation of the 1987 Japanese movie of the same name - Hachiko - A Dog's Tale. So what is the story about you ask? An Akita pup (Japanese breed i think) is sent from Japan to America and on reaching a train station in America, its cage falls from the trolley. After squeezing its way through the broken wooden cage, it scampers here and there until IT FINDS its master for the years to come. Parker Wilson (Richard Gere). I tell you, if there is a man who brings so much complexity and soul to a character, it has to be him. (He is 63 for god's sake! yet as dashing as a handsome youth can be) Coming back, from there on, Parker and Hachi (the Akita pup) form a bond so strong that they become inseparable (The dog is extremely cute by the way!)

I'm not exactly reviewing the movie, but i would definitely leave the movie experience to you folks. To give away the central plot would probably ruin the emotional moments, which are best savored when one watches without a clue about what is to happen next.

I robustly recommend all you dog lovers/owners (i have never owned a dog, but i've recently taken great affection to a beagle named "Google") to see this movie without fail. It will move you. It will inspire you. Just as it inspired and touched me. Eternal love is not restricted to humans only, you know.

If you saw the movie after reading this, or if you have already seen it, leave your thoughts below!

(P.S The 1987 Japanese movie was based on a true story. Just type Hachiko, Shibuya AFTER you see the movie)

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