August 6, 2012

I'll Be There For You!

Ok ok, so i'am a day late! So what? One doesn't need an occasion to express one's gratitude towards one's greatest gift of all !

F.R.I.E.N.D.S (No not the Sitcom)

And so facebook, twitter and other socnet sites were flooded with friendship day cards, sentimental quotes, nostalgia, and other bla! Looking at all those status updates made one thing very clear. Of all the relationships that man has (excluding parents), friends make the most impact on that person's life.

When we attended school, we spent 40%, No. Scratch that. 60% of our daily awake-time with these soon-to-be best friends. Some stick together right until their under graduation and some even beyond that. Nevertheless, the time spent with them extends far more than the time spent with anyone else. That's pretty amazing isn't it??

You guys rock!!
As you grew, so did they. With you. Beside you. Caring and supporting and providing a great sense of camaraderie. Just pause for a moment and think about it. The revelation is overwhelming. We are born at different places, at different times and at different situations. Yet, when you start to enjoy the simplest of conversations with the stranger you just met, you know for sure that you are meant to be best buddies!

Ofcourse, not everyone stays. Some leave. Some enter. Some change our lives forever. And there my friend, lies its beauty. Unrelated by blood, unrelated by religion and unrelated by caste or other forms of discrimination, the bond is secular.

So what i wish to say is this! You, my friend !! I'm truly blessed and grateful to have you as my friend because there is none like you!

I'll be there for you! :)


Unknown said...

!!! nice one!!

Jayanth said...

Thank you unknown person!!