July 8, 2012

Nolan Makes His Mark !

I cannot do justice to the 'Christopher Nolan's Die Hard Fan' tag if i don't talk about Nolan can i? And with great pleasure, i'm happy to share with you all that Christopher Nolan has been honored with a hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles! (see below)

(L - R) Anne Hathaway, Sir Michael Caine, Christopher Nolan and Joseph Gordon Lewitt -  Huffington Post
This officially makes Nolan part of the other legends of Hollywood right from the 1920s who made their handprints here!! So cool right?? What with The Dark Knight Rises around the corner and the anxious nail biting wait until then, this is truly a moment to rejoice for us Nolan fans!

Christian Bale (Batman), Morgan Freeman and the awesome Gary Oldman (See Leon the Professional) - Huffington Post
Frankly i've not seen any more than the first two official trailers of TDKR. I went in to see The Dark Knight with ZERO knowledge about the film's plot and characters, and man o man what a ride it was! Heath Ledger should have lived to see the impact he made through that film! Rumors are rife about a Batman Reboot in 2015, but wait. Seriously? After the awesome makeover by Nolan, can anyone else live up to the challenge? I personally don't think so.

Thank you Nolan for all the wonderful movies you have given us! Sans the typical mindless action and aimless plots (if any) that some (not all) of today's English movies have. It would have been awesome if you had opted to do a fourth batman movie just to amp the excitement quotient and for the sake of good cinema!

As a Batman fan, i really hope TDKR kicks ass !

And you who is reading this, Do NOT miss this movie for anything!!

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