November 4, 2010

Why Diwali is Awesome

Dear All,

Of the zillion festivals we Indians celebrate, Deepavali (Diwali) is unlike any other festival. It is that day when the little ones make a fuss to have a bath early in the morning, it is that day where the men of the house wear silk veshtis and the women of the house are busy making an exaggerated lunch, it is that day we all squeal in joy when we burst the 5000 walas, zamin chakkars, flowerpots and the other innumerable varieties of crackers. 

It is the day we take a month to prepare for, what with the heavy duty shopping, buying gifts and sweets for relatives and friends, making sure that this day will be a day to cherish, for the entire family.

As the clock strikes 12, calls fly, at the speed of light , the annas and akkas living in the US, the teen who just got a girlfriend, the guy with a huge calling list and not to forget the second by second status updates posted by overly enthusiastic people like you and me! Absolute Chaos. But nevertheless fun :)

So, on this wonderful occasion, i would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali (Diwali) !! Have lots of fun, keep control on the sweet-binging spree, be cautious while bursting crackers and don't forget to get the blessings of your parents (because you will be rewarded heavily i say! bring on the dough!)

Happy Deepavali once again! And thank you for the amazing support! This blog would not have received the response it did if not for you! Promise to keep you updated with my thought flow. 




R.Manoj Prabhakar said...

hapi diwali ppl ! :)

sharanya said...

happy diwali jayanth:)

Jayanth said...

@Manoj and sharanya - That was quick! Happy Diwali!!

harish kumar said...

cool this happens to be the first blog I have seen on Diwali :) awesomeness ..way to go dude .. HAPPY DIWALI JAYANTH ..

Jayanth said...

@Kushish - Thanks and same to you!

Suchita said...

ha ha ha.. :D it was truly an awesome deepavali....
luv u guys!!!!