November 30, 2011

For Soup Boys-u Only !

Concept Design : Kolaveri Tee Shirt
Ok so EVERYONE, Southie, Northie, Japanese, American, European and other crazy nutters around the world (including me) are hooked to the song! All of us are so hooked that even Big B Sr, Big B Jr, Beti B,  why even oBama are mumbling "boysu, skinnu, cowu" and stuff!

And so, i thought how cool would it be if i had my own kolaveri tee!? You may think its the heights! But hey, come on! IT IS a rage. 10 Million views in 10 days is no mean feat! Thanks to every media channel, including MTV, V and our own social networks for making it so viral!

But i do have to admit that its a silly silly song! But i guess that's the simplicity of it! One doesn't have to analyse the complexity of the music as one usually does for an ARR song..Just play and enjoy! That's what it is!

So would i print this design for an actual tee? Maybe :)



preethi nedumaran said...

!!!! hahahaha !!!!!! .... jus make sure that its already not existing ... with the craze there is for the song..
there might me a whole line of merchandising coming out for kolaveri!!!!!!!

Jayanth said...

Yea im sure there will!

Purba said...

Don't wait, Tantra might beat you to it.

Jayanth said...

Purba, guess what! Indiaplaza has beat me to it!!

TheBluntBlogger said...

FYI my russian friend has heard it too :D

I though am bored of it now :D but, I think, I may listen one more time "now" :D

Jayanth said...

haha! lol!!