November 25, 2011

Tintin : A Wild Fantasy Ride!

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Great Snakes!!
Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles !! Just got back from Sathyam, and still reeling from all the on-screen awesomeness that is "The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn" !!

Where do i begin?? You know i've probably read all the Tintin comics atleast a 100 times! I was introduced to the world of Tintin at the tender age of 6 by my mother, and by god what an adventure it was! Be it "Tintin in Tibet" or "Explorers on the Moon", each and every Tintin comic WILL draw you to its world! Herge, the creator of the Tintin would have never anticipated the longevity and the influence Tintin had or has on the people of yesterday and today! My parents grew up reading it, i grew up reading it and so will my kids and their kids!

But, my favorites of all the 23 comics that have been published is "The Secret of the Unicorn" and "Red Rackham's Treasure" which has so beautifully been brought alive on the big screen.

What do we get when one of the greatest and pathbreaking filmmakers of all time and one of the best known comic characters of all time come together? We get this one helluva movie that will surely be remembered in the years to come for faithfully sticking to the original plot, yet craftfully narrated with an engaging screenplay backed by the industry's best motion capture techniques!

So what's all the hullabaloo you ask? Just imagine this. Tintin and the other characters look so bloody real you could actually mistake the movie as a movie with HUMANS. Visually stunning, Tintin would leave you crave for more, what with its spectacular sets and complex camerawork! You have to hand it to Steven Spielberg, even a simple comic book can be made on such a magnificent scale!!

I being a Tintin fan, am absolutely delighted! Commercial cinema can't get better than this! Action, Adventure, Humor and Awesomeness, what more can one ask?!

All the memorable characters, Snowy for instance draws the "awwws" , Captain Haddock entertains you with his bumbling demeanour, the Thompson Detectives with their idiotic antics and ofcourse, the crème de la crème, Tintin !! Smart, agile and one brave sonofagun! He will floor you!

The best scene would be the chase scene in Bhaggar! Tintin can sure teach a thing or two to Ezio (Assassins Creed) and Drake (Unchartered) about high flying stunts!!

Bottomline: It is the BEST animated movie i have EVER seen!

What i love about the film is that there is something fabulous in each frame! Be it the particle effect in Marlinspike Hall's Cellar or the Oasis in Bhaggar or Glass Shatter by Castafiore, it just makes you go AHHH!

I envy my IMAX counterparts..i was stunned by its impact on 70mm 3D, i can only dream how it would be on IMAX! I'd advise you to not miss this masterpiece, the effect is just not the same on DVD or on the computer! Period.

Well, i can't control my excitement for the second part in the series! Steven Spielberg and Percy Jackson are sure to surprise us!

As Haddock would say it, "My thirst for adventure is Unquenchable!"

So is Mine!


Geet said...

nice movie liked it :)

Jayanth said...

Hi geet! welcome! yep it was awesome!